Introducing iManifold®

The Best Diagnostic & Commissioning System for HVAC/R

What We Provide

iManifold® is one of the newest HVAC technology tools built around technicians and making their jobs easier, more efficient, and creating measurement accuracy, unlike anything our industry has seen before. When used in tandem with the iManifold® Cloud, you get all of the system information you need, complete calculations and measurements, as well as the ability to store, report, and print all your data any time you want! See how easy it is to get accurate numbers when you use the iManifold® system.

See it for yourself

Watch how the pros take iManifold® into the field and improve their efficiency

Time-Saving Analytics

When your team is in the field and there is a question, who do they turn to? Instead of making multiple visits to a site, use the Tech Connect option with the iManifold® for the ability to share diagnostics and brain-storm answers to problems. Instead of relying on human calculations, the iManifold® automatically calculates performance targets within a system. iManifold® is the only scalable system that will grow with you and your team as well as save time in all aspects of the in-field analytics

The iManifold® System

The iManifold® system will set you apart from the competition with easy to use integration to either the 900M or 900C, the free app, and the iManifold® Cloud.  Setting your team up for success is easy when you begin using digital gauges. Whereas the original manifolds needed calibration and time for calculations, the digital display offers airflow measurements, total BTU’s, and is the first manifold system to display in BTUh and Tons. The iManifold® HVAC digital manifold gives you and your clients the most accurate real-time data for the best results.
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